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Tag Archives: Toni Frissell
Toni Frissell 1942 vogue

Photographer Toni Frissell 1942 – High Low Vintage

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toni frissell  dorian-leigh-at-the-swedish-american-line-pier-new-york-photo-by-toni-frissell-harpers-bazaar-november-1949 FINAL

Photographer Toni Frissell 1949

  Miss Leigh was shot by Toni Frissell here at the Swedish-American Line pier in NYC.

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Toni Frissell pilots II 1945 INSTA FINAL

Photographer Toni Frissell 1945

  Tuskegee Airmen at Ramitelli Italy March 1945 Toni Frissell was famous for her WWII photos…and the Tuskegee Airmen were both handsome and heroes.

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