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erwin blumenfeld nancy berg vogue cover 1953 rev final

Photographer Erwin Blumenfeld 1953 – High Low Vintage

Perfect for a sunny afternoon. Shot by Erwin Blumenfeld of Nancy Berg in Traina-Norell…Vogue cover May 1953. xo…HLV  

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erwin blumenfeld 1954 nancy berg final

Photographer Erwin Blumenfeld 1954 – High Low Vintage

Once you have a convertible, you’ll never get anything else. Nancy Berg loving her’s shot by Erwin Blumenfeld.  xo…HLV #Pasadena #LongBeach

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horst Nancy Berg in blue velvet ball gown by Leslie Morris photo by Horst P. Horst, 1953 FINAL FINAL

Photographer Horst 1953

Blue velvet dress by Leslie Morris.

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