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Tag Archives: House & Garden Magazine
horst-p-horst-house-garden-may-1949 FINAL

Photographer Horst 1949 – High Low Vintage

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lois-and-joe-steinmetz-house-garden-june-1957 INSTA FINAL

Photographers Lois and Joe Steinmetz 1957 High Low Vintage

Pixie collapsible boat divided in two and upended in the sand.

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georges-braun-house-garden-february-1956 INSTA FINAL

Photographer Georges Braun 1956

Georges Braun photographed the colorful concrete garden that landscape architects Eckbo, Royston & Williams designed for the San Francisco home of Dr. and Mrs. A.B. Chin, for the February 1956 House & Garden. Pigmented cement takes the place of flowers, and stays bright through all seasons. Some of the areas are troweled smooth; others have […]

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