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bob willoughby audrey paris when it sizzles givenchy 1964 final

Photographer Bob Willoughby of Audrey 1964 – High Low Vintage

Audrey on set of PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES 1964 photographed by Bob Willoughby…AH is in #Givenchy natch. xo…HLV  

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audrey hepburn paris when it sizzles bob willoughby 1963 1  insta final

Photographer Bob Willoughby 1963 of Audrey Hepburn – High Low Vintage

Audrey in PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES. Shot in 1963, released in 1964. Shot by Bob Willoughby. Suit by Givenchy.

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gordon parks shaft final

Gordon Parks 1971 – High Low Vintage

Gordon Parks directing Shaft 1971 with Richard Roundtree.

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warren beatty natalie wood standing 1962 oscars final

Warren Beatty & Natalie Wood Academy Awards 1962 – High Low Vintage


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sophia loren venice 1955 final

Sophia Loren 1955 Venice Film Festival

Sophia Loren at the #Venice Film Festival in 1955…at the start of her career looking beautiful. xo…HLV #Pasadena #LongBeach  

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paul newman final

Paul Newman 1963 Venice Film Festival

Yes.   Paul Newman in 1963 at the #Venice Film Festival to promote HUD  

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three top fashion films collage final

Exclusive Interview with Film & Fashion Historian Kimberly Truhler – High Low Vintage

Your blog is just terrific….a reader can feel how much you love the intersection of vintage fashion and film. How did you get started as a expert in the field? Did your passion begin as film history and grew to focus on costumes or did you start with an obsession with fashion and married that […]

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Exclusive Interview with Jerry Schatzberg – High Low Vintage

HLV EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW  Jerry Schatzberg. Photographer. Filmmaker. A truly iconic creative force from the 50s through today. His fashion photography broke ground with it’s natural and sophisticated sensibility. His work with Dior and the accompanying book are stunning. He was part of the 70s film renaissance. He discovered Pacino and worked with him twice. His […]

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