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slim aarons   tania-mallet-relaxes-on-a-red-curtained-four-poster-in-eleuthera-in-the-bahamas-known-for-her-role-as-the-unfortunate-tilly-masterson-in-the-bond-film-goldfinger INSTA FINAL

Photographer Slim Aarons 1961 – High Low Vintage

Tania is famous for her role of Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger.

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slim aarons  bahamas 1957 tennis T FINAL

Photographer Slim Aarons 1957 – High Low Vintage

“photographing attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places.” – famous Slim Aarons quote re: his career as a photographer. He shot this in the Bahamas in 1957. xo…HLV #Pasadena #LongBeach

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patrick lichfield 1970 ann turkell nassau bahamas final

Photographer Patrick Lichfield 1970 – High Low Vintage

How to be sophisticated whilst at the beach. Shot by Sir Patrick Lichfield of Ann Turkel in the #Bahamas 1970 xo…HLV #Pasadena #LongBeach  

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