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Dispatch Newsletter Archive

7/14/2016 –Fashion Rules! (obv, but that’s not what HLV means)

Fashion Rules…..some rules are good rules — like driving on the proper side of the road or eating your vegetables — but fashion rules are meant to be broken.




6/15/2016 –It’s a British Invasion @ HLV!

The iconic British blues/rock band THE YARDBIRDS will be performing live at The Rose here in Pasadena on July 22nd. HLV has three pairs of tickets to give away…




5/17/2016 –WIN & Make a Statement!

Win this fab Lisner necklace! It’s a total of 31″ long and the pendant and tassels add an additional 5″ to this beauty.




4/05/2016 –Win a Glamorous Weekend for Two!

Local glam traveler, PasadenaTravelGirl, and HLV have gotten together to offer you the opportunity to WIN a fab weekend at the equally fab HighlandHomeBnB in Los Angeles.




3/09/2016 –HLV Hearts Etsy!

With the sunny days brings sunny colors…be sure to check out the HLV Etsy Shop. And remember HLV ships worldwide!




2/04/2016 –WILL YOU WIN?

If you haven’t been to Magnolia House in Pasadena you need to go now…post haste!




1/14/2016 –HAVE YOU SPIED HLV?

Keep your eye out. Not something that HLV mentions often, but HighLow is a destination for costume designers, stylists & photographers…




12/14/2015 –One for Her, One for Him, One for You!

Need a gift?! Be sure to check out HLV on Etsy (or IRL of course) for something special and unique!




11/10/2015 –THINK IT LOOKS GOOD?

FASHION RULES! Some rules are good rules — like driving on the proper side of the road or eating your veggies — but fashion rules are meant to be broken, snapped in half and crushed under a six inch heel!




10/08/2015 –HLV WON & YOU CAN TOO!

Thank you everyone who voted for HLV! Much appreciated! Best of Pasadena 2015! Best Vintage/Resale Store & Best Local Women’s Clothing Store! HLV is so lucky to have the BEST customers in the world!




8/22/2015 –Sparkly!

While everyone will always covet beautiful diamonds, what we know today as ‘costume jewelry’ is many times more stylish…




7/21/2015 –Quality?

Quality Clothing… at one time it was accessible to all and not just from the Paris Couture houses. Your only options today are to buy high-end designer pieces, quality vintage (High Low, hopefully!) or to work with a trained tailor…




6/16/2015 –Are You A #VintageGirl?

Yards and yards of chiffon….and wrapping around mannequins and fine tuning the design, over and over again until it’s just right…




5/13/2015 –She’s So Gypset! (+ Win a Book!)

What’s Gypset Style? Well, win this book and see all the gorgeous photos and background on this luxe, international, bohemian look.




4/14/2015 –Here Comes The Sun!

Sunshine means florals…check out the vintage floral pretties in the HLV ETSY SHOP! Remember that HLV ships worldwide too!




3/25/2015 –Inspo This!

Where do you get your inspiration? An IRL spot or maybe online? Here are the 7 digital spots HLV goes to everyday…rain or shine!




3/11/2015 –HLV BIRTHDAY SALE!!!

Thank you so much, everyone! March 2015 marks our third year….yippee!




2/12/2015 –WIN THIS!

Who doesn’t want a bit of pink and gold vintage prettiness in their lives!




1/22/2015 –Well Hello There 2015! Annual Coat Event & the LBD!

It all started with Coco Chanel and will likely continue as a fashion staple until the Earth stops spinning…




12/14/2014 –It’s an Etsy Christmas @ High Low!

Drop by HLV Pasadena on Saturday, December 20th & Sunday, December 21st and get your Etsy shopping done!




12/07/2014 –Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes!

HVL’s New Years List!




11/24/2014 –#ShopSmall – Discounts, Wine & Champagne… All Weekend Long!

You’re invited to drop by HLV Pasadena on Sat Nov 29th & Sun Nov 30th to celebrate #SHOPSMALL… ALL WEEKEND!




11/01/2014 –Win this oh-so pretty vintage necklace!

All you have to do is send an email by Friday, November 21st stating that you’d like to win the necklace…




10/09/2014 –We’re blushing, HLVers… Thank you!!!

Best Vintage/Resale Store! plus…Reader Recommended Best Local Women’s Clothing Store! HLV is so lucky to have customers like you!


09/25/2014 –HLV is head over heels for photographer Nina Leen

After all, as a LIFE magazine photographer (one of the first women to do so) she shot animals (Dogs, Cats & Squirrels!)


08/20/2014 –Irving Penn: Two Sides of the Same Coin

American master photographer Irving Penn was a protean force in fashion photography from the 1940s all the way into the 21st century…


07/16/2014 –Peace Love & Photography

The Photographer Series. First up Gordon Parks. No one was more diverse then Mr. Parks…


06/17/2014 –Rita, Marilyn, Audrey & HLV!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH FILM & FASHION HISTORIAN KIMBERLY TRUHLER! What doesn’t Film and Fashion Historian Kimberly Truhler do? Frequent TV appearances… college professor…blogger…works closely with Christie’s auction house and just an all around vintage fashionista! Wow…


05/21/2014 –WIN A BOOK – WEAR A DRESS!

THIS BEAUTIFUL RIZZOLI COFFEE TABLE BOOK IS ALL ABOUT RESORT FASHION! It’s jam-packed with gorgeous color photography all about what you wear when the days get longer and hotter.





SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT A COSTUME DESIGNER DOES? Executive Director of the Costume Designers Guild, Rachael M. Stanley, has answered a few questions for HLV describing the job of the Costume Designer.





HLV EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Jerry Schatzberg. Photographer. Filmmaker. A truly iconic creative force from the 50s through today…




02/04/2014 – Annual, Once-a-Year, Now or Never 30% Off Coat Event!

Is there anything better then a big, beautiful book with loads of glossy photos and behind-the-scenes information on your favorite designers, photographers and really anything style-centric? HLV SAYS NO!




2101/10/2014 – Lisa’s head fills the screen. She says, slowly…

INT. JEFF’S APARTMENT – NIGHT – MEDIUM SHOT – Jeff lowers the glasses. His look is sober. Lisa stands behind him, one hand on the back of the wheelchair. She, too, is serious.





Take a look, take a tour, take some time…and check out the new HLV site and LookBook. The LookBook gives you a snapshot of what HLV is all about for Christmas. So many vintage pretties!




11/09/2013 – 1 2 3 4 5 6….yup, 6 Wines plus a 20% Discount!

Wine expert, Christopher Thomas Adams, aka The Wine Jerk, will be serving and chatting about 6 different wines at HLV…from Cali to France, new school and old.




1810/16/2013 – Exclusive Give-Away! Just For YOU!

Happy October everyone! Oodles going on with High Low so here’s the Reader’s Digest version….




09/11/2013 – Dunaway, MacGraw and — Amy Poehler ??? — Oh My!

The Eyes Have It…Plus Lips and Soft Skin! Get the low down on what it’s like to be a Hollywood and Fashion Make Up Artist From Agostina…read on!




08/14/2013 – Once A Year Jewelry Event!

The Public Sale is Monday August 19th – Saturday August 24th




07081307/18/2013 – OMG! No way am I THAT size! (Well, you may be in Vintage.)
You’re out on a Saturday afternoon looking for that perfect dress for what you hope is that perfect dinner date coming up…




506/08/2013 – Win the New Novel That Takes Place In A Vintage Shop!

Stephanie, thanks so much for answering a few questions for High Low Vintage. Your new book, ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE, is just out. Could you tell us just a bit about the book and how it came about? …




605/10/2013 – Sunset Blvd & Cold Chablis OH MY!

Charles Lange’s boutique BELINDA, on Sunset Blvd. in the late 1960s, was not only at the forefront of the groundbreaking Los Angeles style but that look, which continues to influence today’s fashion, started at Mr. Lange’s boutique! …




704/16/2013 – FIDM Exclusive Interview With HLV!

-DEPARTURES MAGAZINE recently ranked the FIDM Museum & Galleries as one of the
top 10 fashion museums in the world. That’s quite an honor and well deserved. What
aspects of the museum do you think bring this kind of recognition? …




803/09/2013 – Happy Anniversary & Thank you!

Perhaps no other fashion item represents social change more than the handbag.





902/09/2013 – Exclusive Interview! HLV Dispatch #010

Department Store Historian, Bruce Kopytek has been kind enough to give us a flavor of what true Department Store shopping was like.




1001/08/2013 – Happy 2013!

Okay, so you bought THE most beautiful cocktail dress…. and you wore it to THE most glamorous cocktail party. Now what???




1112/04/2012 – MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through High Low
Not an item was stirring, not even a bow.




1211/05/2012 – High Low Vintage Dispatch #007

HLV’s exclusive interview with Fashion Historian Jonathan Walford!





1310/10/2012 – High Low Vintage Dispatch #006

To quote Italian architect Luigi Caccia: “Quite simply, we are the best.” While there’s certainly some hubris in that statement, it’s actually pretty true. When you think of Post-WWII design — in automobiles, fashion, interior and furniture — you have to give the Italians major props.




1409/14/2012 – High Low Vintage Dispatch #005

We all know the iconic musical influence of these three Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees…. but they also had a profound influence on fashion.




1508/02/2012 – High Low Vintage Dispatch #004

While everyone will always covet beautiful diamonds, what we know today as ‘costume jewelry’ is many times more stylish.




1607/05/2012 – High Low Vintage Dispatch #003

Does Fashion & Design Influence Society or the Other Way Around?





1706/01/2012 – High Low Vintage Dispatch #002

Dispatch #002 is here and HLV has just a few things to mention…..