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Photographer Gordon Parks 1950 – High Low Vintage

Model Bettina being shot by Vogue photographer Frances McLaughlin-Gill across from NYC Hunter College shot by Gordon Parks for LIFE.

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melvin promo 1

The Photographer Series/Melvin Sokolsky & The Bubble Series-High Low Vintage

Before Photoshop, Melvin Sokolsky Created Something Magical for Harper’s Bazaar  Paris 1963 As a child growing up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, future fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky encountered the work of Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch. He was especially mesmerized by the painter’s depiction of a man and woman, both naked, sitting inside a bubble in Bosch’s painting, The Garden […]

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nina leen slide website

The Photographer Series / Nina Leen – High Low Vintage

Nina Leen, whose photographic interests spanned fashion, nature and the social complexities of American culture, was one of the first women photographers for LIFE MAGAZINE. Born in Russia, but having lived most of her life in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, Ms. Leen always wanted to be a photographer. Her first camera, bought in Europe while […]

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irving penn dispatch final

Exclusive Interview w/ Photography Curator & Historian Colin Westerbeck on Irving Penn

American master photographer Irving Penn was a protean force in fashion photography from the 1940s all the way into the 21st century.  He photographed both of these iconic images.  High Low Vintage recently spoke with Photography Curator & Historian Colin Westerbeck who offered his insights on why these two very different photographs represent the two […]

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The Photographer Series / Gordon Parks – High Low Vintage

Born in 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas, Gordon Parks was a self-taught photographer, writer, pianist, composer and filmmaker (SHAFT [1971]) who became the first African-American photographer for LIFE and VOGUE magazines. He revolutionized fashion photography by shooting his models, and the worlds they inhabited, in motion as opposed to the static poses that until then […]

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